Elder Juice

Fresh, natural, home-made, traditional... and made in Skanzen. Find the best of auntie Margit's recipes here.
Szerző: Skanzen 2018. május 11.
(for 5 l elder juice):
- 3,5 l water
- 3 kg sugar
- 2,5 l elderflower
- 2 lemons
- 2 teaspoon citric acid
- 1 dl 10% vinegar
1. Fill a half of a 5 l bottle with fresh, clean but unwashed elder
2. Add the lemon slices 
3. Boil the water with the sugar (make syrup)
4. Mix the citric acid into the warm syrup
5. After getting cold, add the vinegar, too
6. Caramelized sugar makes it tastier: caramelize 3 tablespoon sugar (until it gets brown), pour 2 dl water on it, boil it and add it to the syrup
7. Pour the syrup on the flowers
8. Leave it covered and mixed it again and again for 5 days
9. Filter it through a thick textile
10. Dip it into 1 l bottles and close them

At the end, you have the syrup for a tasty elder juice. Add as many water as you like by drinking!
elder elderflower elderjuice

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