Thematic exhibitons

Our thematic exhibitions, located in some parts of the permanent exhibition, showcases exhibits of special themes. The topics provide additional historical information related to the exhibition's units.
Szerző: Skanzen 2018. március 17.

In The Drifting of History >> 

Location: House of Hidas, Southern Transdanubia Regional Unit

How did Bukovinian Szekely people get from Andrásfalva to Hidas? What happened to the inhabitants of the Swabian village Hidas? These are the questions to be answered by the permanent exhibition „In the drifting of history – population exchange in Southern Transdanubia in the 1940’s”, that you can visit in the reconstructed house from Hidas.




Farewell from the peasantry >> 

Location: House of Drávacsehi, Southern Transdanubia Regional Unit

The disintegration of peasant society is a long process whose most tragic chapter followed after the Second World War. The tragic events of the 20th century – with their adverse consequences up to now - shaped the fates and broke the lives of the peasantry. The exhibition summons up the moments of farewell. 




Carts and wagons >> 

Location: Barn of Rábcakapi, Kisalföld Regional Unit

The exhibion displays the vehicle developed in Hungary, the typical Hungarian cart.




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