Transport in the Skanzen

You can try different vehicles in the Skanzen from the train to the hors-drawn carriage.
Szerző: Skanzen 2018. április 11.

Skanzen Train

Dear Visitors! The train is temporarily closed. Thank you for understanding.

The railwaymen and the conductors working on the railroad wear period costumes from the 1930’s. The train goes around the museum from the entrance; the complete journey takes about 30 minutes. Our normal-gauge railway is the longest among the museum railways in Europe. It has five handicapable stops which provide easy access for people with wheelchairs, or for families with baby carriage. The Skanzen train operates between the Railway Station and the Study Collection. Waiting time varies (20 -30 minutes), depending on the number of passengers.

Please take notice of following:

- the train operates on several days a week only (see the schedule) 
- keep away from the tracks
- departure times may change depending on the number of the passengers
- either 3 prams or 2 wheelchairs fit in the train
- passengers are requested to get down at both railheads


See the schedule HERE.


Skanzen Bike
4 child and 16 adult bikes - 4 with child seat - are available for our visitors. Bicycles for both children and adults can be rented for 600 HUF per day at the information desk located in the entrance building. 


Skanzen Roller
Over the age of 14 visitors can rent a scooter for 600 HUF at the information desk.


Skanzen Cart
Skanzen Carts can be rented for little children for 900 HUF at the information desk. The maximum wage is 40 kg.

Skanzen Train Skanzen Bike scooter transport

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