Yearly Programme 2020

From spring to autumn, the biggest open air museum of Hungary is offering events for weekends and holidays. Let's have a look at our yearly programme!
Szerző: Skanzen 2020. március 09.

From spring to autumn, the biggest open air museum of Hungary is offering events for weekends and holidays. Take a look at our yearly programme!

Hussar's Weekend

Cancelled due to COVID-19 pandemic

A journey to the time of the Hungarian revolution

14-15th March




In the year of 1848 Kingdom of Hungary grew into a war for independence against the Austrian Empire, ruled by the Habsburg dynasty. The anniversary of the Revolution's outbreak, 15 March, is one of Hungary's three national holidays. Every year on this day, many events take place in the whole country. In the Hungarian Open Air Museum, we focus on the tradition of the 'hussars', the Hungarian horsemen, who used to fight in the independence war - with shows, games and workshops.



Skanzen Eastern

Cancelled due to COVID-19 pandemic

12-13th April




Our season-opening programme shows the most significant traditions around eastern in Hungary. Scenes of the village life in an authentic location come to life in the yards of the houses. If you would like to see some of these or if you're ready to try out some traditional eastern-egg-making techniques, or join the dancing and singing, this event is for you! Enjoy the nature in sping, when the whole open air museum is waiting for you to discover.




Whitsun Heritage Festival

An introduction of the intangible cultural heritage bearer communities

31th May - 1st June

NEW DATES: 19-20th September 2020




The Festival is the meeting of the intangible cultural heritage bearer communities of the Hungarian and foreign countries, in order to exchange of experiences among the communities and to introduce the heritage for the public. For several years now the Whitsun Heritage Festival has been organised in the Open Air Museum, its main aim is to make popular the traditional culture, to help the today’s people to admit it and to assure the possibility of introduction.



'56 In The Countryside

23rd October




The 23rd of October is the memorial day of the 1956 revolution and war of independence in Hungary against the communist government. Rebels won the first phase of the revolution, but shortly after, soviet tanks invaded the streets of Budapest and the movement ended in tragedy. Besides introducing the daily life of the rural Hungary in the Fifties, our programme includes living history elements. You can witness some episodes of the revolutional days in the countryside, based on true stories - ‘real’ scenes played by actors, based on ethnographic and historical research.



St Martin's Day New Wine and Goose Festival

7-8th November




St Martin's Day used to be an important turning point in the folk’s calendar: it marked the finishing of the agricultural works, the end of the economic year in the countryside. On this day, they used to eat goose and drink new wine. This is the season-closing event of Skanzen, too, and connected to the traditions, it offers a lot of gastronomic culinaria for the visitors. People used to gather in the houses, and began the community works of the wintertime. Fire burns in the ovens of the houses of Skanzen as well - you can sit down, get to know and join the traditional works of the wintertime or taste the special menue of the museum's restaurant for the event.



- Entrance fee:

Free entrance on national holidays (15th March, 20th August, 23rd October).

Other events: regular tickets

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- The organisers reserve the right to change the programme.

- Visitor's hotline: +36 26 / 502-537

- The opening hours of the exhibition's buildings may be different from the opening hours of the events. Please consider this by planning your visit if you want to visit the main exhibition and ask for more information.

- By entering the museum, you allow us to take photographs, videos and audio records in the museum area. These will be used only for PR and marketing purposes.

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