Skanzen Bakery

Craft bakery: pastries in Skanzen, made on the basis of original recipes...
Szerző: Skanzen 2019. április 23.



A little snack on the road? Or a real bread baked in the oven with long fermented sourdough for home? Our bakery's locally made products are one of the favourite points of the museum. Our products are made without additives. The bread is baked with leaven and freshly released daily from the oven, giving a pleasant smell to the visitor who walks through the Great Hungarian Plain market town. Scones, white, wholemeal and rye bread, loaf, ragged croissants, rolls and sweet pastries are lined up on the shelves.


Opening hours

From 10am to 5pm in the opening days.


How to find
Only 10 minutes from the Entrance building, in the Great Hungarian Plain market town, beyond the railway junction.


Payment options

cash and debit card (Visa, Maistro, MasterCard)


We take orders! For group and individual offers, please contact our colleague:


Kinga Sándor

marketing & sales

+36 30 165 49 55


Skanzen Bakery bakery pastry pogácsa bread

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