Museum Education and Methodology Centre

The aim of the centre is to enhance museums’ capability of creating up-to-date exhibitions, visitor-friendly and school-friendly environment.
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Who Are We?

The Museum Education and Methodology Centre (MOKK operating as a directorate of the Hungarian Open Air Museum (SZNM). In 2006, the Museum received a request from the Ministry for Culture for setting up a nation-wide methodology and information centre of museum education, museum studies, and for coordinating museum sector tasks.


MOKK is responsible for exploring and disseminating domestic and international trends influencing the work of museums, public collections cooperating with museums, higher-and public education institutions, and institutes for culture. With our research, methodology development and training courses we facilitate paradigm shift processes. We support museums to increase their usefulness to the community. Our aim is to enhance museums’ capability of creating up-to-date exhibitions, visitor-friendly and school-friendly environment that attends to the demands of their target groups and also meets professional expectations.


Research and Methodology Development

We support modernisation in Hungarian museums with supplementary research and with methodology recommendations that generate paradigm shift, competence and skills development of culture professionals and teachers. The core areas for our methodology development:

  • up-to-date interpretation and knowledge transfer methods
  • introducing (and applying in practice) methods strengthening the service provider character of the museum
  • establishing museum quality management
  • strengthening community and social engagement of culture institutions
  • supporting knowledgeable management of volunteers and student community service
  • supporting equal opportunities and access to culture.

Our methodology developments and professional training courses are based on the results of domestic and interna­tional research and on best practices.


Nationwide Network of Museum Coordinators

We operate a nationwide network of museum coordinators consisting of 41 museum professionals. Our county museum coordinators operate as consultants, as active links between the MOKK, the county museum institutions and the related public education institutions. They assist in

  • disseminating modern museum paradigms, Hungarian and international best practices, as well as news updates on museum education
  • developing meaningful collaborations of museums and public education institutions
  • urging the implementation of local, county and regional museum development


Publication Series

We consider it important that we publish course materials, studies of research and methodology development online and printed.

  • Museum compass (series) - achievements of research, methodology development and publications supporting professional training courses
  • Museum school (series) - course material for our training courses


Training Courses

In 2008 the Hungarian Open Air Museum, the first among Hungarian museums, was given institutional accreditation for adult education by the Accreditation body. Training professionals has been a priority in the earlier and present projects of the MOKK. The results of the latest methodology research are transferred into prac­tice oriented courses held by renowned Hungarian pro­fessionals. Since 2017, our palette of courses has been expanded by new free courses in the framework of our European Union priority projects.

We also provide on-demand locally organized courses with individually designed syllabus.



EU Founding Projects


Active Communities


The priority project financed by the EU was launched on 16 September 2016. The project is implemented under the leadership of the Hungarian Open Air Museum, MOKK in consortium partnership with NMI Institute for Culture Kft. and the National Széchényi Library in 36 months, with a budget of HUF 3 billion. Its aim is to increase community activity, to strengthen community empowerment in the settlements involved in the development, to strengthen relations between local governments, cultural institutions and residents and to upgrade the culture of collaboration. The work of the project is assisted by a mentor network of cultural community developers.


Museum and Library Development for Everyone


The priority project was launched on 1 February 2017 under the leadership of the Hungarian Open Air Museum, MOKK in consortium partnership with the Metropolitan Szabó Ervin Library, it is implemented in 36 months with a budget of HUF 2 billion. The project aims to prepare museums and libraries to be able to respond to new social-economic challenges by empowering the young generations of the society. The museum and library development activities affecting public education are realized by sensitization of professionals and teachers and teacher trainees of the institutions concerned.


Museums A' La Carte

The Museums a’la carte is a database of Hungarian museum institutions. It is a useful aid for teachers for finding museum education sessions linked to school curriculum, as well as for the general public interested in museums for planning museum visits and for spending leisure time in a meaningful way. You can browse the database of museum education sessions and exhibitions according to region, school subject, theme, or age of target group. The programme offers of more than 200 museum institutions can be found here.


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