Kids' Farm

Szerző: 2016. április 28.

Plant factory - Life at the Farm


How was life on a farm? What was it like to milk a cow, to harvest the carrots, or to plant them? It's hard to imagine that in our busy city styled life. But now, the kids can become farmers, because the house of Csököly in the South-Transdanubian region becomes the Kids Farmland. In the exhibition which was designed for kids, they can try every activity related to farm animals and plant production they dreamed of under safe conditions.


In the Kids Farmland, the furniture is tailored to fit the children's size, so they can cook in the kitchen, or even bake a bread in a beehive oven. But here, beside sitting in the chimney corner known from many tales, they can explore the inside as a special hiding place.

In the stable they can feed and ride a beautiful horse. The straw in the stable is not for the animals, it functions as a strawbale bounce house.

On the courtyard a magnetic sow feeds it's pigs, a cow waits for milking, and the tired farmers can rest in chicken-shaped swings and seats.

But a farm is worth nothing without a garden and plants. Beside the backyard planted with real vegetables, the kids can try taking care of toy onions and carrots, and they can play pea-football as well.

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