New fun spot for kids at the Skanzen

Szerző: 2016. április 27.

What's that got to do with it? - The childfriendly side of the Skanzen



A theme park and recreational center for kids? In a museum concerned with rural architecture and lifestyle? How do these things relate to eatch other at all?

We, who work in the Skanzen have been trying in almost every possible way in the past decades to make our museum an interactive, fun place to visit, where the word 'museum' doesn't only mean an institution with enormous amount of knowledge and tangible heritage, where knowledge is stored in naphthalene and scientific books as dry as the desert. Our goal is not only to preserve knowledge, but to pass it, share it in a comprehensive, interesting and memorable way.


Being aware of the values of folklore culture is not a so-called self important knowledge. It shows our roots, it provides us with an identity, it gives us something to lean on in today's rapidly changing and evolving world. Whatsmore it can help our children to face the difficulties and to overcome their problems. We truly believe that the power of time spent together with the familiy, the quality based recreational activities are crucial in a childs upbringing hence we think it is our highly important duty to provide a venue with the appropriate atmosphere and surroundings for adults and children alike to gain new experiences and spend some quality time together.


Besides the already excisting and working venues of the museum – where younger and older ones can try out baking bread; learn how to fabricate candels; examine the process of preparing herbal teas; discover the working mechanism of a watermill; learn the tricks of rope-making; have a look inside the world of leather manufacturing; etc. - we are expanding our list of activities and programmes in order to make the visit an even more memorable experience for our little guests.

Fairy-tale garden? Puppet theatre? Children economy? Photography workshop? Grocery shop? Wonderbarn?
Click on here, and bring your family to this magical world of wonders!

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