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Szerző: 2016. április 27.

The Skanzen is like a huge playground for the kids, a place good to return to. At the new children­experience spots opening on the 1 dreamed of. With the help of role­playing, they can become adults, try themselves in the world of the grown ups, and learn with fun in creative locations. The new children­experience locations, extending the already operational programs of the Skanzen, offers a meaningful occupation for kids between 3­12. Play with the mistycal creatures of the Tale Garden playground, stop at the Little Shop for packing, serving and shopping, play your favourite tales in the Puppet­ Theatre, make your family portrait in the Photographer, harvest the crop at the Kids' Farm, solve the gigantic riddles in the Magic Barn!

New fun spots for kids
Little Shop (Map sign: II­4)
Photographer (Map sign: II­8)
Magic Barn (Map sign: III­3)
Kids' Farm (Map sign: VII­4)
Tale Garden playgorung (Map sign: VIII)
Puppet theatre (Map sign: X­4)



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