Puppet theatre

Szerző: 2016. április 27.

A puppet theatre where you can be more than just a spectator Have you ever wondered what could it be like to perform and play with puppets behind an actual, huge folding screen in front of a whole barn of crowd?

We thought that we are going to make many children's (and plenty of parents' childhood) dream come to, so we decided to establish a place with professional equipment, where one can not only watch the happenings of the stage, but everyone can act out their favourite cartoons and tales; let their imagination run wild and perform new, enertaining, funny and heartwarming scenes.

A barn located in Felsőrákos has been converted into a puppet theatre which openly welcomes  families, companionships, classes, student groups with a rich collection of puppets, colorful backgrounds, noisemaking gadgets and scripts of tales adopted into plays. The visitors can choose from several intriguing activities led by László Vitéz: they can spank the evil devil with a broom; they can save and rescue the kidnapped princess from the dragon or just fool around, have fun behind the folding screen while playing the roles of puppet characters.

There are very comfy seats in the spacious, still cosy barn, on which the audience can relax and follow the adventures taking place on stage.
On the two sides of the barn visitors can find old doors and with the help of their keyholes the curious guests can discover various kinds of fonts.


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