Rout for children

Szerző: 2016. április 29.

The fairy surroundings of the Skanzen inspired Krisztina Rita Molnár, the writer of the highly acclaimed book, Maléna's garden which resulted in a new tale-like novel called Poppy and Seedpod starts to wo/ander. (The Route of Poppy and Seedpod).

The protagonist twins of the book start their fantastic journey in the dreamlike wonderland of the museum. During their adventures many secrets are revealed: is Aunt Fullmoon really a witch? They find out what does the sweet-scented little girl know, who is Mitmitke and who is mewing on the miller's attic.




Explore Poppy and Seedpod's rout!


• Hex and superstition – folk mysticism I-12 (House from Filkeháza)
• Soul holes (Square at Upland Market Town regional unit)
• Photographer Merchant’s (House from Mád)
• Actress’ room (Middle-class home from Gyöngyös)
• Grocery (Merchant’s house from Mád)
• Witch’s brew (Craftsman’s house from Gyöngyös)
• Game yard (House from Uszka)
• Life at the farm (Farmstead from Nagykunság)
• Tale Garden playground (Bakony, Balaton-Uplands)
• Watermill (Watermill form Nyírád)
• Village laundry (House from Nyírád)
• Church from Óbudavár (Roman Catholic Church from Óbudavár)
• Candle dipping (House from Harka)

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