Tle Garden playground

Szerző: 2016. április 27.

A magical playground with angel sheep and beanstalk to the sky


The new playground of the Skanzen is the creation of Boldizsár Kő and his creative parners, who fabricated the most unique and fascinating playgrounds of the country: the Green Peter at Millenáris, the one with King Mátyás in Visegrád and the one featuring Fairy Ilona in Holnemvolt.


On the Talegarden (Mesekert) playground of the Skanzen such popular Hungarian folktales come to live as the Little Gömböc; The roosters of Ireg; The Truthsayer Góbé and everyone's favourite The three little pigs (and the big bad wolf).

Among the toys the visitors can find a swing which moves the characters of the Little Gömböc tale; a kicking goat; a rooster patterned pole for climbing; a beanstalk styled jungle gym made of ropes; a treadwheel that spins a millstone and an arcade game of striding between angel sheep.

One can not just only relive the tales again and again on the playground, but one have a chance to reread, revisit all of them at every site. Therefore even those parents and kids can find these colorful and bizarre characters familiar, who haven't had came across these folktales before.  

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